Top 4 ics Django Web Developer Should Know

Topics Django Web Developer Should Know

What are the topics and concepts Django Web Developer Should Know? what are the Prerequisites for Django Developer? We tried to create a checklist, this is for everyone from beginners to advanced level developers.

Must and should of Django, before going in for an interview for a developer position

Topics Django Web Developer Should Know

1) Prerequisites for Django Developer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • Ajax and REST (Get, POST, JSON, etc...)
  • Basics Of Python

2) How much Python is needed for Django?

  • Variables and Datatypes
  • List, Tuples, and Dictionaries 
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Functions and Classes
  • OOPS concepts like Objects, Inheritance, Constructor
  • Modules

3) Topics for Beginner to Advanced level

  • Django Admin Customization
  • Database Management and SQL queries
  • Anyone of the database like Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL
  • User Authentication
  • Object Relationship Mapper (ORM) and Migration
  • Version control system like GIT
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing

4) Optional Topics, Added advantages to Django Web Development

  • Regular Expression
  • UI framework like Bootstrap
  • Frontend frameworks like Angular, React, VU and how to use these frameworks with Django
  • How to set up and running the website from fully featured web servers like Nginx, Apache