Quotes > Scott Belsky Quotes > It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen

Never invest in any idea you can't illustrate with a crayon.

- Peter Lynch

I have more respect for the fellow with a single idea who gets there than for the fellow with a thousand ideas who does nothing.

- Thomas Edison

Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged.

- Thomas Edison

There's no shortage of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute them.

- Seth Godin

There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.

- André Gide

Work until your idols become your rivals.

- Anonymous

Breathe through until you Breakthrough

- Anonymous

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

- Henry Ford

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

- Wayne Huizenga

Become one of the rare people who don't know how to quit.

- Robin Sharma

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

- Walt Disney

The fears we don't face become our limits

- Robin Sharma

Stay positive, Work hard, Make it happen

- Anonymous