Best Video Editing Software

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Best Video Editing Software

Video editing has become popular among the new generation in the 21st century. After the success of many YouTube channels, everybody wants to try his or her hands on it. If you decided to make the career on it, then you will need perfect and professional video editing software. According to the choice and use, the software may differ from person to person. Windows video editing software might vary from Mac and Linux user. If you are a beginner, it’s better to use the free version, and when you get used to with the software, you may go for paid versions.

Because of there so many good video editing software out there. We make a list of best video editing software so that you can easily choose your kind according to your use. Here is the list of best video editing software.

Best Video Editing Software

1) Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software in this category. This is fully loaded with many attractive and useful tools. You will not only found this editing software is powerful, but also it has an easy and familiar user interface. It has that unique feature which it support is the ecosystem, and it make your purchase worth it. We can say this is thoroughly professional software for a YouTube creator. Other tools that Adobe offers you connects flawlessly with the Premiere Pro software. Whether you are using After Effects for animations, Adobe Audition for audio editing or Adobe Photoshop for photos, everything works perfectly with the Adobe Premiere Pro. You can enjoy some of the best attractive tools if you are a user of Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. Whether you may use the Windows or Mac operating system, you can enjoy the service of Adobe Premiere Pro. It supports all most all the format for input as well as output such as MP4, MPEG, AAC, 3GP, HEVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and others. I can bet that it is the best software among others.

2) Cyberlink Power Director

Cyberlink Power Director

If you want professional video editing software at a cheap price, then Cyberlink Power Director is a perfect option for you. Despite being cheap, Power Director provides a great editing environment with all the pro level features. With the regular update, you will get the newest feature. One of the best features I like about the Power Director is that it supports 360-degree video editing. One con I found in this software is that it doesn’t support the Mac operating system, it is only for windows. It supports all most all the audio, video and image format like other editing software with multi-cam editing. It also has the support of the colour correction feature.

3) Final cut Pro X

Final cut Pro X only supports the Mac operating system. If you are a Mac user, then you must go for Final Cut Pro x. One of the most attractive features in this software is that it takes almost halftime for rendering than other professional software. Despite being a professional editor and colossal package, it is a beast in performance. Although it is professional software, it has the simple user interface which makes the video editing easier. It supports all the input and output format with some additional format like Apple Animation codec, Apple Pro-Res and more. Final Cut is more powerful than any video editor on this list.

4) Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro has always been a favourite choice for a professional video editor. One of the most attractive features in this software is built-in audio editing. You don’t need to install audio editing software separately. Vegas Pro provides professional audio editing while other editing software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut provides the basic level of audio editing. Vegas Pro has the wide range of features including support for the high-end graphics card. I keep it in last on my list because it is much more expensive than other editing software. But, as per the power pack performance and features of the Vegas Pro, the price is worth it. It supports both the operating system Windows and Mac. It supports almost all the input and output video format like others, but the most attractive feature is that it supports format like 4k, Blue-Ray, AVCHD, NXCAM and more.