Top 13 Canva Alternatives


Canva Alternatives. Best Canva alternative design tool for social media posts, blog posters, infographics, presentations charts & banners, and other visual content.

Canva is a graphic design tool for creating social media posts, banners,  blog posters, infographics, and other visual content. The company was founded on 1 January 2012 in Sydney. The platform has thousands of built-in templates, images, icons, and fonts to choose from.

Canva has a free version that gives access to free templates and images, as well as a pro version. Pro version starts with $9.95/user/month.

Canva Features

Templates8,000+ free templates60,000+ templates
Image library
Free PhotosPremium stock images
Export designs as PDF, JPG, PNG
Yes (No transparent background)Yes
Cloud storage
1 GB
100 GB

Best Canva Alternatives

Canva Adobe Spark

With access limited features

With access limited features



Pro Version


Pro Version

Canvas Resize

Only in Pro version



No transparent PNG in free version


No Watermark

1) Venngage Infographic Maker

Venngage Infographic Maker

Venngage Infographic Maker - Create A Free Infographic Now. Create an amazing infographic with Venngage's Infographic Maker & 100s of infographic templates.

2) Infogram infographic

Infogram infographic

Create interactive infographics to get your message out. Create interactive infographics to share your brand’s story, raise awareness or highlight trends. No design or coding experience required. Try infographic maker now!

3) Snappa infographics

Snappa infographics

Online Infographic Maker - Free & Easy to Use | Snappa. With Snappa's free infographic maker, it's never been easier to create professional looking infographics for your blog and website.

4) Designcap infographic

Designcap infographic

Free Infographic Maker - Create Engaging Infographics Online | DesignCap. DesignCap's powerful infographic maker helps you visualize your data and information in minutes. Choose from stunning infographic templates to start your design for free now.

5) Biteable infographic

Biteable infographic

Infographic Video Maker | Create Infographics Worth Sharing | Biteable. Get more attention with stunning infographic videos. Visualise your message with beautiful animation, footage, and effects. Start now, share in minutes.

6) infographic maker infographic maker | create and share visual ideas using infographics. is a simple web tool that empowers anyone to create and share powerful visuals (infographics, posters)... no design experience needed! We provide the canvas, you provide the creativity.

7) Adioma infographic maker

Adioma infographic maker

Adioma - Infographic Maker With Timelines, Grids and Icons. Adioma is an infographic maker that automates design for you using visual language and infographic templates. Sign up and create infographics in minutes.

8) Picmonkey infographics

Picmonkey infographics

Free Online Infographic Maker | PicMonkey. Create your own infographic with PicMonkey's design templates. Easily customize your infographic to capture your audience.

9) Mind the graph

Mind the graph

Free Infographic Maker - Online Graphs and Infographics Creator for Doctors and Scientists | Mind the Graph. A free infographic maker & creator for medical doctors and scientists. Exclusive scientific illustrations, graphs and infographics for your papers, classes and graphical abstracts.

10) infographic maker infographic maker

Infographic Maker | BeFunky: Create Infographics With Ease. Infographics are powerful and effective. Use BeFunky's Infographic Maker to easily turn otherwise mundane information into a visually striking infographic.

11) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark graphic design suite comprises three design apps - Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. The platform is developed by Adobe Systems and is available as both mobile and web apps. The tool allows users to create visual content like social media posts, banners, blog posters, infographics, etc.

Adobe Spark has both a free version and a paid version. The premium version of Adobe Spark starts with $9.99/month, sits on top of the free plan, and allows you to create branded stories with your own logo, colors, and fonts. 

TemplatesFree templatesPremium templates
Image library
Free PhotosPremium stock images
Adobe fonts
Adobe Water Park
Remove temporarilyRemove permanently
Branded Content
with custom logo

12) Visme


Visme is an online tool that allows anyone to easily visualize their ideas into engaging presentations, infographics, charts & reports, documents, printables, social graphics, banner ads, etc. The platform has thousands of built-in templates, images, icons, and fonts. Founded in 2013 platform has more than 5 million users.

Visme has both free and paid versions, where free version allows limited access to the templates and images. The paid version starts with $14/user/month when billed annually.

TemplatesLimited templatesAll premium assets and templates
Image library
Free PhotosPremium stock images
Export designs as PDF, JPG, PNG
Only JpgYes
Cloud storage
Active designs
Up to 5 projectsUp to 15 projects

13) Piktochart


Piktochart is a web-based infographic tool that allows users to create infographics and visuals using themed templates. 

Piktochart has both free and paid versions, the paid version starts with around $24/month/user. The free version of the tool comes with limitations like there can be only 5 active designs, Piktochart watermark, only Standard quality image exports, etc.

Active designsMax 5Unlimited
Export in high quality images
and PDF
Custom branding
with your own fonts and brand colors