Top 5 Pinterest Masonry Style WordPress Themes

Top Pinterest Masonry Style WordPress Themes

A masonry grid layout is a column-based layout where grids are stacked vertically. Unlike the usual grid, lt won't have a fixed height. Pinterest was the first major website to use this style, and this Masonry layout is also referred to as the Pinterest Layout. If you are thinking of creating a Pinterest Masonry-style WordPress blog, here is a list of the best Pinterest Masonry-style premium themes.

If you are building a WordPress affiliate site, then a call to action is very much important. One should always place the call to action in an appropriate place, increasing the conversion rate. These themes are also suitable for an affiliate website (Amazon affiliate), as the themes come with a call to action button on grid items.

Top Pinterest Masonry Style WordPress Themes

1) 1Page - Masonry WordPress theme

1Page - Masonry WordPress theme

1Page Premium WordPress Theme is a professional Masonry Magazine WordPress Theme, completely responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device and PC.


  • Sticky Sidebars
  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • 5 Columns Masonry Style
  • Default Pagination or Infinite Scroll
  • Unlimited Sidebars for Pages / Articles, etc
  • Live Search.
  • Review System.
  • Social Sharing icons.

2) Pluto - Masonry WordPress theme

Pluto - Masonry WordPress theme

Theme Pluto is a perfect theme for casual bloggers. Theme can use it for a cooking website, family blog, technology blog, personal blog, or any other kind of blog which is simple to set up and use.


  • Image Lightbox.
  • Masonry Layout, Pinterest style.
  • Infinite Scroll.
  • Top 10 rating
Pin - grid magazine theme

Pin – Grid Personal Magazine. Premium WordPress theme is a stylish and responsive Pinterest-style theme for bloggers.


  • Masonry style / Grid Style / Pinterest Style.
  • Default Pagination or Infinite Scroll.
  • Fly-Out Navigation for Mobile and Tablets.
  • Reviews and ratings.

4) Sun - Grid News Blog with Affiliate links theme for WordPress

Sun - Grid News Blog with Affiliate links theme for WordPress

Sun - Grid News Blog with Affiliate links theme for WordPress. Masonry grid template with unique ajax filtering supports user article submission, and users can bookmark articles they like, works with infinite scroll.

Breek - Masonry Theme for WordPress

Breek - Minimal Lightweight Masonry Theme for WordPress Preview. Breek is a super modern Blog focused on high speed and vivid colors, the theme fits perfectly any kind of blog especially personal, resources, freebies, or biography blogs.