Best free and open source wysiwyg html editor

Best free and open source wysiwyg html editor

WYSIWYG HTML editor is one of the import element of the blog. There are plenty of free and open-source WYSIWYG HTML editors, which makes content creation and formation easy. 

This list provides a WYSIWYG HTML editor, which is either free or open-source.

Summernote TinyMCE Quill
Open Source

Free for Commercial Use

Attribution Needed






Functionalities can be extended using plugins and modules

Functionalities can be extended using plugins and modules


~ 150KB

~ 450KB


Best free and open source wysiwyg html editor


Summernote WYSIWYG HTML editor uses jquery and bootstrap, it allows customization using modules or plugins. Its an Open Source editor licensed under MIT and maintained by the community.


  • Supports Bootstrap 3.x.x to 4.x.x
  • Lightweight (js+css: 100Kb)
  • Smart User Interaction
  • Works in all Major Browsers:
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer 9+
  • Works in all Major Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux

TinyMCE is one of the most used free HTML editor. It is an open-source project licensed under LGPL. They also have a commercially licensed version that comes with support. The free version doesn't provide any support. TinyMCE editor is easy to extend and customize through plugins.


Quill is a free, open-source WYSIWYG editor built for the modern web. With its modular architecture and expressive API, it is completely customizable to fit any need.  QuillJs Supports all modern browsers on desktops, tablets, and phones.

4) CKEditor


CKEditor is ready to use rich text editors created with a powerful framework, offers free HTML editor for 1 site and 5 active users. If you need it for more than one site need to buy a licensed version

5) Contenttools


A beautiful small content editor and is free and open-source. ContentTools was created by Anthony Blackshaw - a founder of and developer at Getme. The project is maintained by the crew at Getme along with contributors. The code is licensed under MIT.

6) Editorjs

Editor.js is a block-styled editor for rich media stories. It outputs clean data in JSON instead of heavy HTML-markup.

Key Features:

  1. Clean data output
  2. API pluggable
  3. Open source