Top 7 Bot Management (detection and protection) tools

Top Bot Management (detection and protection) tools

Defend your websites, mobile applications, and APIs against unauthorized activity with Bot Management (detection and protection) tools. Bad bots can negatively impact your service by performing activities like a DDOS attack, scraping information, steal sensitive information, etc. It becomes important for the business to have control over what bots can be allowed to do. Bot Management can help control bots and their activities.

  • Protect your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated attacks.
  • Prevent DDOS attacks.
  • Block web scraping bots.

Top Bot Management (detection and protection) tools

Cloudflare Bot Management

Cloudflare Bot Management | Cloudflare. Cloudflare Bot Management uses global threat intelligence and machine learning to save Internet properties from credential stuffing, content scraping, and more.

Features: Protects from -

  • Credential Stuffing
  • Content Scraping
  • Content Spam
  • Inventory Hoarding
  • Credit Card Stuffing
  • Application DDoS

PerimeterX Bot Defender

Protect web and mobile apps from bot attacks | PerimeterX. Protect your apps from account takeover, carding, denial of inventory, scalping, checkout abuse, web scraping, and skewed analytics with Bot Defender.

DataDome anti-bot protection

DataDome: Anti Bot Protection, Prevention and Mitigation Software. The #1 anti bot protection and mitigation software for eCommerce websites. Anti bot prevention solution deployed in minutes. Unmatched bot mitigation speed and accuracy. bot protection management

Advanced Bot Protection | Bot Management Market Leader | Imperva. Imperva Advanced Bot Protection leverages advanced algorithms to distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' bots and accurately protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs.

Bot Manager. Radware provides a suite of cybersecurity solutions to protect both the internal & external surfaces of public cloud applications & prevent malicious activity. Bot Protection

Bot Management | Bot Detection Services | Fastly. Our bot management and detection services protect you from a range of malicious bots, spanning basic scripts to more sophisticated bots that are adept at operating under cover of legitimate users.

CloudFilt, Prevent & block bad bots. Stop malicious bots in Real-Time‎. Full protection of your websites, webapps and APIs : Bot traffic, Web Scraping, Spam Submissions, Tor traffic, IP reputation & IP Risk Score, Web Fraud, Business logic, Denial of service (DDoS)