Top 7 Marketplace to buy and sell Online Business (Website, Blog, Apps)

Top Marketplace to buy and sell Online Business (Website, Blog, Apps)
Top marketplaces or platforms to buy and sell an online business like websites, blogs, apps, eCommerce sites, etc

Top Marketplace to buy and sell Online Business (Website, Blog, Apps)

Buy & Sell Sites, Stores, Apps & Online Businesses easily with Flippa. Flippa is the top global marketplace for digital real estate. It’s where online business owners meet to trade assets, from blogs to SaaS assets, apps and eCommerce stores, and much more. Founded in 2009, more than 30K digital assets are sold worldwide through the Flippa platform.

Motion Invest offers a simple, standardized process when selling and buying your site. The sites listed on the platform are of two types:

  • Portfolio sites bought and owned by Motion Invest,
  • Marketplace sites where it’s for sale by the seller, but Motion Invest helps facilitate the process.

Empire Flippers - Website Brokers | Vetted Marketplace. Want to buy an online business with real profit? Empire Flippers has real, verified businesses. Join 100K+ others and buy or sell websites today

Buy and sell websites. On Trustiu you can buy or sell all kinds of established websites. You can also find other types of digital properties for sale.


eCommerce & Website Brokerage | Quiet Light Brokerage. The advisors at Quiet Light Brokerage have each bought and sold businesses. Quiet Light Brokerage can help you plan your successful exit.


Ecommerce Websites & Businesses for Sale | Buy and Sell Online Sites. Buy ecommerce websites for sale on Exchange. Revenue and traffic data come from Shopify. Browse hundreds of established businesses for sale or turnkey websites.


Sell Your Online Business With Digital Exits (Recommended). Website Broker Digital Exits can assist with the exit of your online business. Learn what your business is worth and what it could sell for.