Best Typescript Tutorials & Courses 2021

Best Typescript Tutorials & Courses 2021

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. It an open-source programming language developed by Microsoft. TypeScript is designed to develop large front-end applications, and it has more popular after Angular switched to typescript from javascript. These are the Best Typescript Tutorial, Courses, Training & Certification available online for those wanted to learn or become expertise. These Typescript Tutorials/Courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts and help you gain more knowledge.

Best Typescript Tutorials & Courses 2021


Understanding TypeScript - 2021 Edition

Understanding TypeScript - 2021 Edition

Learn what TypeScript is, why it really is a powerful addition to JavaScript, what its features are and how to use it. This course takes you from the very basics and its most important feature to the point where you can use TypeScript in any of your Projects.

Understanding TypeScript - What you'll learn from the course

  • Use TypeScript and its Features like Types, ES6 Support, Classes, Modules, Interfaces, and much more in any of their Projects.
  • Understand what TypeScript really is about and how it works
  • Why TypeScript offers a real advantage over vanilla JavaScript


  • JavaScript Knowledge is required, though you don't need to be an Expert.
  • OOP Experience is a plus but not required
  • ES6 Knowledge is a plus but not required

TypeScript Fundamentals from Pluralsight

TypeScript Fundamentals from Pluralsight, this course walks you through the key concepts and features that you need to know to get started with TypeScript, and use it to build large (and small) scale JavaScript applications.

Introduction to TypeScript - edx - Provided by Microsoft

What You Will Learn

  • Types in TypeScript
  • Programming in TypeScript
  • Modules and Namespaces
  • Advanced Topics in TypeScript
This course will cover all you need to know to get up and running and start building functional websites using TypeScript 2

  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic Knowledge of OOP concepts
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML

TypeScript Tutorial for Angular and React Developers | Mosh

Learn all about classes, objects, interfaces, properties, constructors and other essential object-oriented programming concepts in TypeScript.

  • What is TypeScript?
  • Your First TypeScript Program
  • Declaring Variables 
  • Arrow Functions
  • Interfaces, Classes, Constructors 
  • Properties
  • Modules

TypeScript Tutorial

In this free tutorial will cover everything one needs to learn typescript like installation, data types, changing the browser, arrays, math, looping, functions, classes, interfaces, inheritance, generic functions, generic classes, template strings, spread operator, and many other topics.