Top 2 Coupons and Deals Websites in USA - 2019

Top Coupons and Deals Websites in USA - 2019

From gadgets to groceries, these websites make it easy to find the promos, coupons, deals, and discounts around you. There are many sites which provide deals and discounts coupons, here are the top sites.

Top Promos, Coupons, Deals, and Discounts websites in USA

Top Coupons and Deals Websites in USA - 2019

1) Slickdeals


With 10M+ monthly users and 5M+ app install, Slickdeals is one of the top sites to find deals. Site is powered by community members and staffs, who curates top deals from different stores.

  • Deal-savvy members find and share deals and coupons across a wide variety of products and retailers
  • Community votes and offers helpful feedback on the best deals.
  • Team of experts curates the deals on Slickdeals Frontpage based on your votes and feedback.

2) Ebates


Save money on the things they buy every day. Every time you successfully shop in your favorite store through Ebates, you earn cash back and is paid through PayPal every month. Stores pay us a commission for sending shoppers to their websites, and Ebates shares it with you. It has more than 2,500 partners with more than 10 million customers in the US, Canada, and Korea. Ebates is one of the largest free-membership loyalty programs in the U.S.